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Box Tops Information


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We have decided to collect our Box Tops and Labels for Education differently this year in hopes that we can alleviate some issues in collecting box tops for our school.

We have set a goal of collecting 9,000 Box Tops throughout the year. We know we can achieve this goal because we have surpassed it repeatedly in the past years.

In our collecting of Box Tops in years past, we have pitted the classrooms against each other in hopes they win something for the work.  To avoid this and other issues pertaining to parents splitting up their collection and specific classrooms repeatedly winning, we have decided that all classrooms benefit from the collection when we achieve this goal.  The children at Eagle Elementary will have a chance to vote on their option of a prize.  Those prizes are currently in discussion with the Principal, Dottie Heusman and we will release them in due time.

As for the Labels for Education, they have a specific list of items we get in return for collecting these items.  We can use the list to order things for the school, such as extra school supplies for those classrooms who need them, Sports

That being said, we have had our first collection of Box Tops in the fall, and other times of collection will be in January and again in April. Keep collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education!